Adopt a cherry tree at the foot of Mont Blanc

Join our project Save the Glacier

Wild cherry trees used to grow on the hill to the left of the Skyway station as you look at Mont Blanc.

Skyway Monte Bianco, in partnership with  CVA Energie  e RAV (Raccordo Autostradale Valdostano), has decided to replant trees on this hill to give it back its original natural appearance and treat everyone to the spectacle of cherry blossom against a background of perennial snow.

But the most important reason for our decision is to restore greenery and oxygen to the foot of Mont Blanc as part of our #savetheglacier project.

The cherry trees will help us to mitigate the effect that global warming has on the glaciers and by studying them we will be able to calculate how much CO2 each tree manages to capture in a year. 

To do all this however, we need everybody’s help. 

We are sure that the future of Mont Blanc and its millenary glaciers is a matter we all have at heart.

You can adopt a cherry tree at the foot of Mont Blanc, in your name or to give as a present to anyone you choose.

You can add a personal dedication and provide an email address for us to send the adoption certificate too.

Adopt now your cherry tree.