Our skyrules

A safe ascent to the highest point in Italy.

In the last two years our world has been completely revolutionized, but with the commitment of all we can guarantee a future without restrictions, enjoying all the wonderful things  nature offers us.

Alpine nature in Courmayeur, with Mont Blanc, is even more beautiful and viewed from above, thanks to the panoramic Skyway cable car. Ascending to 3466m of Punta Helbronner will allow all visitors to experience an elevated humanity, observing the world from a new perspective, with new eyes.

To ensure a safe ascent, here are our Skyrules, to be respected as a common commitment to safeguard the future.

 Here are our Skyrules

The responsible Skynauts’ guide

Rediscovering the joy of the great mountain means being in a condition to fully enjoy the ascent and, at the same time, respect others. This is why responsible Skynauts follow these rules:

  1. Do not use the facility if you have symptoms of acute respiratory infections or if your body temperature is higher than 37.5 °C.

  2. Buy your ticket for the ascent online on the website     Ensure you book  for your ascent no later than one hour before your visit - by entering the Book section of our website

  3. Ensure you make your lunch purchasing and booking no later than midnight on the day before your visit - by entering the Purchase/Book section of our website

  4. Show up 15 minutes before the ascent with your online ticket (we suggest you don’t print it out - show a little respect for the environment) and respect the descent time from Pointe Helbronner indicated in the online booking.

  5. Follow the signs and routes indicated in the stations, always keeping one metre apart from other people.

  6. Saniitise your hands frequently, especially before getting into the cabin, and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

  7. Use your personal smartphone to access the restaurant menu or other information using the QR code.

  8. Carry a protective FFP2 mask without valve with you and wear it over your nose and mouth for the duration of the trip in the cabin and to access the cinema hall.