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The Vallée Blanche

An experience to live at least once in a lifetime.

Skyway Monte Bianco offers you the dream of being able to ski down the glaciers of Mont Blanc for over 22 kilometers of pristine off-piste skiing along the Vallée Blanche, which connects Courmayeur to Chamonix. From Italy to France. A route skimming over deep cobalt crevasses just inches from the sky.

Skiing on these eternal snows, you traverse the entirety of the Mer de Glace, the "sea of ​​ice".

It doesn't matter if you learned to ski on the slopes, if you competed or not, if you enjoyed spending holidays with your family on the ski lifts, or if you love getting up early to be the first to enjoy a descent, now you can experience off-piste skiing at the foot of Mont Blanc.

Recently, the new cable car of La Mer de Glace has been inaugurated: an innovative system, built following the lowering of the glacier, which allows all skiers to save their legs and breath, avoiding 580 old steps, and taking them directly to the station of the famous red train of Montenvers which leads to the city of Chamonix.

At the Skyway Monte Bianco ticket office, you can purchase a one-way ticket to Punta Helbronner (or online) and add the ticket for the Mer de Glace cable car and the Montenvers train.

In this way, your day among the millennia-old glaciers of Mont Blanc will be organized in a single operation. We remind you that the Vallée Blanche is an UNMARKED ALPINE ROUTE, neither signposted, nor controlled, nor protected from the dangers of high mountains such as avalanches and falling rocks.

It is necessary to have mountaineering equipment and experience and/or to be accompanied by a mountain guide. Book your mountain guide at the Courmayeur Alpine Guides office for a safe excursion to Chamonix, discovering the secrets of the high mountains.

Skyway Monte Bianco

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