The Vallée Blanche

The offpiste descent through the glaciers of Mont-Blanc

After two long years away from the snow, missing skiing downhill through powder and the adrenaline and naturalistic experience that seeps into your mind and leaves incredible memories, the time has now come to get back out there, the wait is nearly over.

The descent on the glaciers of Mont Blanc, skiing over the Mer de Glace awaits you as do the traces left by your skis on fresh snow, as you race down this off-piste run that connects Italy with France, through thousand-year old ice blue crevasses.

Skyway Monte Bianco, the panoramic cable car, marks the start of a 22-kilometre off-piste run that takes in all the beauty of the Alps, on a breathtaking descent over Italy’s highest glaciers.

Come enjoy the Vallée Blanche, the run between Italy and France that links Courmayeur to Chamonix.

This marvellous experience involves no particularly difficult gradients and can be tackled even by intermediate skiers, but it is an unmarked, unsupervised ALPINE ROUTE, with no protection from high-altitude risks such as avalanches and rockfall.

You must have mountaineering equipment and experience and/or be accompanied by an Alpine guide. Book your Alpine guide @guidealpinecourmayeur for a safe excursion to Chamonix and discover all the secrets of the high mountains.

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