In flight over Mont Blanc

A unique, unforgettable and above all magical experience. A magic that tells us something of the eyes that glimpse it

Have you ever wondered what it would like to admire Mont Blanc from above?
Undoubtedly, a unique experience. Soaring over the Giant’s peaks in a helicopter means being enchanted at the sight of the suggestive panoramas that only our mountains are capable of offering.

Italy’s highest mountain is unveiled in its totality, every glacier, peak and wall is on display in all its beauty. You can admire the Dente del Gigante, the famous mountain named after its suggestive form, passing over the peak of Mont Blanc, Courmayeur, and the Aiguille Noire, a towering, all-rock peak. And then it’s off towards the stirring perennial glaciers of Freney della Brenva and the Brouillard with their thousand shades of blue and grey.


It’s possible to see the mountain from every point of view in the same day, first from below as you pass through extraordinary landscapes that change gradually as you climb with the cableway, and then from above with a helicopter on an amazing flight that will take your breath away.

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