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Valle d’Aosta.

The region of the 4.000 meters.

The Valle d’Aosta is one of the most popular tourist destinations, whatever season you choose to visit it in. In the winter period it’s a hot spot for alpine skiing, with 23 ski areas and 800 km of slopes. There’s also lots of space for Nordic skiing, thanks to the hundreds of kilometres of slopes, always perfectly beaten.
A valley where nature, culture, sports and wellness meet at the foot of the tallest mountains in the world

In other seasons there are countless things to see and do.
Beginning with the historical and cultural heritage of the numerous Roman-era ruins, particularly visible in the city of Aosta and the many castles sprinkled throughout the region. Almost all of them are visitable and open to the public. Particularly deserving of attention are the Bard Fortress and the Megalithic Area of Saint Martin de Corléans.

Credit foto: Filippo Salmè Credit foto: Filippo Salmè
Credit foto: Filippo Salmè Credit foto: Filippo Salmè
Credit foto: Filippo Salmè Credit foto: Filippo Salmè
All lovers of sport, outdoor activities and wellness find what they’re looking for in the Valle d’Aosta. From contemplative walks to hiking for all levels, to mountaineering and rock climbing, without forgetting about mountain biking, rafting, kayaking and golf, paragliding, and flights in hot-air balloons, gliders and helicopters. And let’s not forget activities on horseback, visits to botanical gardens, to the Gran Paradiso National Park, and moments of pure relaxation at the spa.

The Valle d’Aosta is also renowned for its food and wine, with a wide variety of traditional dishes and products to pair with white and red wines created in vineyards sometimes located at over 1,000 meters of elevation.


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