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Organising a visit to Skyway Monte Bianco: Useful Information

In this section you can find all the information you’ll need for organising the great challenge: reaching the place where your gaze loses itself

Skyway is much more than a cableway. The cableway is an idea: drawing man closer to the mountain and sky, broadening our horizons, overcoming boundaries. The climb to Skyway is called ascent and is accessible to everyone.
Before organising your visit and enjoying an unforgettable day in the company of your thoughts, or your friends and family members, remember to review all the information available in this section.

Skyway Monte Bianco Alerts.

Find all the important notices on the mountain, safety conditions and weather situation.


Ascent Schedules.

Below are displayed the schedules until November 3rd 2024.


Skyway Monte Bianco Rates.

Discover the rates of Skyway Monte Bianco. Get ready – your ascent is about to begin.


Ticket Regulations

The purchase of a Skyway Monte Bianco ticket entails the acceptance of the following regulations. We therefore ask you to read them attentively


How to Reach Skyway Monte Bianco.

For all those who want to admire the mountains from the highest spot in Europe, Skyway Monte Bianco offers the thrill of feeling tiny before a great sight


Reduction for the Purchase of Skyway Monte Bianco Tickets

All categories of explorers qualify for a reduction on the total cost of the ticket


Parking Rates and Useful Information

In this section you’ll find all the information related to the costs and stay times in our carparks


Rules and Regulations for Use of the Unsupervised Carpark

Skyway Monte Bianco is equipped with two paying unsupervised carparks. Before using this service, we advise you to read our regulations carefully


Frequently Asked Questions

To help you, we’ve gathered a list of questions frequently asked by visitors and guests of Skyway Monte Bianco


Panoramic webcam and weather

Here you find the information on weather conditions, temperature and atmospheric pressure and weather forecasts of the day.


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Skyway Monte Bianco

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