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Hangar 2173: Preserving the Cableway’s History

A history that’s more than seventy years old.

There’s a place where it’s possible to relive the history of our cableway, rooms where you can hear the echo of yesterday in the crystal-clear voice of today.
In Hangar 2173, heritage and imagination are in constant dialogue.
You need to pay close attention, bend your ears, and open your eyes wide to the imagination. All of this occurs in Hangar 2173, the construction site up in the clouds, the passion, and the challenge of creating a structure worthy of the mountain that plays host to it.

Today’s system is only one part of the story. Here visitors can climb into an old cable car, allowing them to reach out and touch the past. Skyway Monte Bianco has gathered together the heritage of those who, back in 1947, dared to open up a new view on the world, and it’s here that heritage is preserved.

Credit: Riccardo Bianchi Credit: Riccardo Bianchi
Credit: Riccardo Bianchi Credit: Riccardo Bianchi
Credit: Riccardo Bianchi Credit: Riccardo Bianchi

Skyway Monte Bianco

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