LaFeltrinelli Book shop opens at 3466m

The highest library in Europe opens at Punta Helbronner

LaFeltrinelli Book shop, the library that touches the sky

What makes the mountain unique and the explorer very lucky, it’s the possibility to look at the world from a different and emotional point of view.

This is why there is a similarity between a good book and the mountain, the reader and the traveler, LaFeltrinelli and Skyway Monte Bianco: the desire of travel new paths already known and get to distant horizons, with new eyes.

60 square meters at 3466m  high to explore new altitudes, expanding viewpoints and oxygen body and soul, through a literary proposal aimed to all the “travelers” that live inside of us.

376 titles for a total of 1726 books, divided by thematic topics: from mountain best seller, to mountain and flowers illustrated books, from the Aosta Valley mountain paths, to narration, from Aosta Valley food and wine books to kids books.


                                                                                           photo credits Lorenzo Passoni - Aiace Bazzana