Mont Blanc and mountaineering

An indissoluble union to be lived with respect and caution.

For over 2 centuries Mont Blanc has been the favorite destination of mountaineers from all over the world who try their hand at challenging excursions and climbs to reach a different peak every day.

Each route, each climb presents different difficulties. In your excursions you will not find any indication of the itinerary, in fact we remind you that from Skyway Monte Bianco there are ALPINISTIC PATHS that are not marked, nor controlled, nor protected from the dangers of the high mountains such as avalanches and stones falling.

The mountains must be lived with attention and respect, aware of the fact that mountaineering skills and adequate equipment are necessary to tackle any excursion in these high mountain areas and on glaciers.

To better enjoy your day on the highest point in Italy, we recommend that you make use of the professionalism of a mountain guide.