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Mont Blanc and the Terme of Pré Saint Didier

The Mont Blanc cable car and the Terme of Pré Saint Didier, the “Mont Blanc Wellness” experience is back.

The "Mont Blanc Wellness" package is again available for all the Skynauts who want to add the relaxation of the Pré Saint Didier spas to their ascent to Mont Blanc.

Do you know a better way to end the day? Imagine giving yourself time to relax, devote yourself to the people you love, first climbing with Skyway Monte Bianco to the highest point in Italy at 3466m, and then returning to the valley immersing yourself in the hot thermal waters, a source of life and well-being.

Forget the stress of everyday life, regenerate yourself in places of yesteryear, immerse yourself in the soft warmth of the water, let yourself be lulled by gentle whirlpools for total remise en forme and proper prevention.

The package can be purchased at the Skyway cash desks or at the spa reception but it will be necessary to book the experiences free of charge.

We advise you to view the availability at the following links:

Pré Saint Didier Spa

Skyway Monte Bianco

Skyway Monte Bianco

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