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Rules and Regulations for Use of the Unsupervised Carpark

Skyway Monte Bianco is equipped with two paying unsupervised carparks. Before using this service, we advise you to read our regulations carefully

1. The “SKYWAY” carpark is governed by the norms of the present Regulations, as well as, in general, by the civil and criminal code. Vehicle entrance into the carpark entails the full acceptance of all conditions established in the present Regulations.

2. The “SKYWAY” carpark is managed by Funivie Monte Bianco S.p.A. (abbreviated FMB spa).

3. Upon receipt of the parking slip and the vehicle’s entrance into the carpark, the Customer is subjected to the norms of the present Regulations. In particular, they stipulate an atypical, short-term contract whose object is the availability of a parking space, without any obligation or responsibility for protection of the same on the part of FMB spa or the owner of the structure, while allowing for parking in the free spaces, with the exclusion of any specially marked reserved areas.

4. The Customer is required to respect the signs inside the carpark, the indications, whether written or verbal, of the attendants, and the spaces intended for those with disabilities. Inside the carpark the norms that regulate vehicle circulation must be observed, and all opportune manoeuvres and measures must be adopted for the security of the possessions of both the customer and third parties.

5. It is rigorously prohibited for any Customer to adopt behaviour incompatible with the dispositions of the present regulations, including the following non-exhaustive list of examples:

  • parking outside of the spaces delimited by the stripes, in the circulation lanes, in the entrance/exit areas and in any and all cases in which this can impede the manoeuvring and/or driving of other vehicles. Vehicles parked improperly may be subject to towing at the expense of the vehicle’s owner.  
  • leaving flammable or explosive materials and/or substances in parked vehicles.
  • filling up the vehicle’s gas tank, carrying out repairs, changing the oil, and cleaning or washing the vehicle.
  • unloading or depositing on the ground water, oil, objects or anything else that may dirty the carpark areas.
  • stalling in the covered areas of the carpark with the engine on.
  • impeding the functioning of the services or the use of the structures and apparatuses installed in the carpark areas in any way.
6. Failure to observe the aforementioned provisions mentioned as examples at points 4 and 5 will leave the inobservant Customer with exclusive personal responsibility for any damages caused to their own or others’ vehicles, persons or things.

7. LPG-fuelled vehicles cannot enter the covered carpark, but may use the outdoor carpark.

8. Vehicles over 2.2 meters tall cannot enter the covered carpark.

9. Vehicles over 2.6 meters wide and articulated vehicles cannot enter the carparks.

10. The carpark opens 30 minutes prior to the opening of cableway service and closes 30 minutes after the end of service. To enter the carpark, touch the specific place for parking slip emission on the machine and take your slip. To leave the carpark, before going back to your vehicle it’s necessary to pay the amount owed and insert the slip into the exit machine, which will return it to you as a receipt.

11. Parking payment must be made at the specialised automatic pay machines.

12. From the moment parking payment is made, Customers have 30 minutes to leave the carpark with their vehicle. After that time, it will no longer be possible to leave the carpark, except after making a new payment according to the prices displayed.

13. The first half-hour of parking is free. This period of time is also available to allow Customers to change their mind should they decide to leave immediately without parking their vehicle.

14. The amount owed for parking (payment) is determined according to the current rates established by FMB Spa and displayed at the entrance to the carparks and is assumed to be known and accepted by the Customer. The signs exhibiting the price lists constitute an integral and substantial part of the present regulations.

15. Parking for vehicles equipped with a special disability pass is free following verification and validation of the parking slip at the manned cash desk located at the Cableway ticket office.

16. Loss of the parking slip requires the issuance of a new one, after payment of €50 at the automatic pay machines.

17. If a vehicle is picked up while the carpark is closed, it is possible to pay at the self-service machines, entering through the doors located near the covered carpark exit by inserting the code on the parking slip. The same code must be used to open the doors to the garage.

18. Exclusion of Liability.
For the object of the present contract, which consists exclusively in the paid provision of a parking space and its occupation and not in the deposit and protection of the vehicle, FMB Spa is not liable for any harm to the vehicles, such as thefts of, break-ins or damages to the same. For damages due to crashes, collisions, bumps or accidents caused by customers inside the carpark, the right to compensation must be exercised by the injured party directly against the Customer who caused it, with the carpark’s managing body being excluded from all liability. Customers are responsible for the damages caused by them to the structures, carpark personnel and/or third parties, and of all indirect and consequential damages.

19. To complete the previous point, it is specified and highlighted that the juridical framework in which management of the present carpark is undertaken is not protected storage, but simply the renting of the space between the stripes for vehicle parking.

20. Carpark customers accept the present general conditions and all clauses contained within them.

21. Any personal data provided to FMB Spa will exclusively be processed later and for the ends connected to the availability of the parking space and the safeguarding of company patrimony (video surveillance). The Customer is aware, in accordance with the norms in force regarding the protection of privacy, that the parking area is under video surveillance and accepts the consequences of this. The images are available to law enforcement agencies and court authorities.

22. For any legal disputes, jurisdiction belongs to the Court of Aosta.

Skyway Monte Bianco

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