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Ticket Regulations

The purchase of a Skyway Monte Bianco ticket entails the acceptance of the following regulations. We therefore ask you to read them attentively


1. Travelers are obliged to respect the herein regulations and to observe the provisions issued by relative authorities and employees of the company Funivie Monte Bianco S.p.A. in order to guarantee safety and regularity of operations.
2. Violations of the ticket office rules and the above will bring about the immediate withdrawal of your ticket and legal sanctions will be applied, in particular those of the Valle d’Aosta Regional Law no. 20 dated 18 April 2008 and the Presidential Decree no. 753 dated 11 July 1980.
3. Purchasing a ticket implies that all the terms established in the herein regulations which are posted in the ticket offices and published on the website for public reading are known and accepted.
4. Before purchasing the ticket, the client must find out the weather conditions and visibility on the website or by asking for information from the staff at the ticket office.
5. Before purchasing the ticket, the client must find out about the range of tickets available and the rate reductions that can be applied.
6. Purchasing a ticket implies knowledge and acceptance of the herein ticket office regulations, people transportation regulations and all safety conditions.
7. No self-certifications are accepted.
8. A complaints register for all users who wish to report faults, complaints about service or simply make suggestions to improve the service is available at the ticket offices.
9. Protection of personal information.
9A.  Information about purchases at the ticket offices
Customers are kindly informed that personal information collected at the time of sale of named tickets (weekly, multi-day tickets) is handled using manual, computerized and remote tools by staff who have been appointed by the data controller to handle data and by data managers.

The supports on which tickets are uploaded use either RFID (radio frequency identification) or BARCODE technology that register each movement through the turnstiles via connected systems without the interested parties having to activate any connections. This type of technology allows the data controller to trace the path travelled each day by the ticket holder. Handling of this data is necessary for some legitimate purposes for the company, stated here in points c), d) and f).

Travel information is stored in a non-anonymous form or grouped together for a period of about 18 months.

The purposes of this data handling are:

(a) the stipulation of the contract, including verification of the existence of the necessary requirements for obtaining subsidized tariffs;

(b) the issue of valid tickets for entering stations and the activation of any insurance guarantees linked to said issue;

(c) the normal execution of transport services (replacement and blocking of ticket if it is stolen or lost; reconstruction of a ticket holder’s journey, using the data recorded with RFID technology, for example to provide useful indications for searching for lost people, for controlling whether services are running normally and to evaluate any complaints by the customer);

(d) to combat fraudulent behavior in using tickets and the service;

(e) fulfilment of legal obligations, such as the issuing and registration of invoices etc;

(f) economic management, economic management, management statistics analysis (reconstruction of traffic flows and use of systems, using RFID technology, rationalization of the service and division of revenue with other skiing locations or partners on the basis of trade agreements etc).

(g) information about promotional activity and initiatives organized by the owner for the customers.

Although optional, the provision of information is absolutely necessary for the stipulation of contracts and for issuing tickets.

In case of rejection concerning the finalities of point g), the Company will not be able to inform you the promotional activities organized.

The information can be communicated only for the fulfilment of legal obligations (such as communications made to police) or as part of the execution of the contract.

The interested party’s rights as set out in article 17 of European Regulation n. 2016/679, that can be exercised at any moment by contacting the owners of Funivie Monte Bianco S.p.A. – Loc. Entrèves, Strada Statale 26, n° 48 – 11013 Courmayeur (AO) are not affected.

9B.  Information for online purchases
According to the European Regulation n. 2016/679 “Personal Data Protection Code of Practice or Privacy Code” (effective from 25 may 2018), Funivie Monte Bianco S.P.A. (hereafter “the Company”), as Data Controller, is obliged to provide you (the Data Subject) with certain information concerning the use of your personal data.

1. Source and nature of personal data
Your personal information and that of any minors that you represent is normally gathered at the time when the named ticket is purchased (e.g. resort seasonal tickets...) and is handled in observance of the European Regulation n. 679/2016 and the obligations regarding confidentiality, which the company always observes.

It may happen that when scanning the photograph to use on the ticket, where required, and more generally when fulfilling obligations transpiring from the transportation contract, the company learns information that the law defines as “sensitive”, i.e. information from which it is possible to deduce race, ethnicity, state of health (e.g. in the event of an accident, in order to provide first aid treatment etc).

We would like to inform you that providing information about yourself, including sensitive data, and also about your adult family members, where required, is fully optional. However, if you refuse to provide said data, it may be impossible to complete the above contract, due to the fact that it is necessary to fulfil the obligations connected with contract stipulation.

2. Handling of data
In relation to the purposes stated in point 3, the handling of personal information takes place via manual, computer and remote tools, with logic that is closely connected with the purposes as set out in point 3, and in such a way as to guarantee the security and confidentiality of said data.

It is herein noted that the support materials onto which the tickets are loaded use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology that, via connected systems, records passing through turnstiles without the interested parties having to take any action. The use of said technology allows the company to reconstruct the daily journey of the ticket holder, which is necessary to fulfil some legitimate company purposes, as stated in point 3, letters c), d) and f). The information about the journey is stored in non-anonymous format or is grouped together for a period of about 18 months.

3. Purpose of data handling
The acquisition and handling of your personal data and that of any minors that you represent, such as name, surname, address, date of birth, photograph, telephone number, are all handled as part of the company’s normal business, for the following purposes:

(a) stipulation of a contract, including verification of the existence of the necessary requisites for enjoying special discounted tariffs;

(b) to issue a valid ticket to access the lifts and to activate any insurance policies for the ticket holder;

(c) regular execution of the transport service (replacement and blocking of tickets if they are stolen or lost; reconstruction of a ticket’s journey, through the processing of data recorded with RFID technology, that can be use in the event of people who have disappeared, to control service normalcy and to evaluate any complaints from customers);

(d) to combat fraud when using tickets and the service. On this matter, it can be pointed out that to allow a precise control on the correct use of the ticket, the photograph you provide will be scanned and appear on the ticket support that your ticket is uploaded to;

(e) fulfilment of legal obligations, such as the issue and registration of invoices, the carrying out of first aid etc;

(f) economic management, management statistics analysis (reconstruction of traffic flows and use of systems, using RFID technology, or bar codes printed on the ticket purchased on the company website and provided in anonymous format, of traffic flows and the use of lifts, rationalization of the service and division of revenue with other skiing locations or partners on the basis of trade agreements etc);

(g) information about promotional activity and initiatives organized by the owner for the customers.

Providing the data required to pursue the purposes as set out in point e) is obligatory and any refusal to answer such information may make it impossible to fulfil specific legal obligations and consequently also to manage relations with you.

Providing the information for the pursuit of the purposes set out in points a), b), c), d), f) and g) is optional; however, any refusal to provide such data for the purposes set out in points a), b), c), d) and f) would make it impossible to carry out the requested service, while, if refused for the purposes as set out in point g), the company cannot inform you about any promotions and initiatives that it may organize.

4. Categories of subjects to whom personal information can be communicated
In order to carry out some of the activities connected with the purposes of personal data handling as specified above, the data controller will use external subjects, i.e. :

a) banks and financial institutes for payment management;

b) professional legal and taxation consultancy offices, for the purposes closely connected with the carrying out of the owner economic activities;

c) ski lift management companies or commercial partners;

d) information system management companies;

e) subsidiary or associated companies;

f) insurance companies;

g) LHAs, Italian Red Cross and emergency rescue companies.

Subjects belonging to those categories to which said information can be communicated will use such data as “Controllers” pursuant to law, in complete autonomy, as they are not involved in the original handling carried out by the company.

5. Subjects who can read personal information
Personal information may be learnt by company staff, appointed to manage said data, and also by subjects appointed as data processors. An updated list of data processors can be obtained from the company offices.

6. Cookies
A cookie is a short string of text sent to the browser and saved on the device each time a user visits a website. The website uses its own and third-party cookies to improve navigation on the website for the user, making it as efficient and simple as possible. Therefore, when a user visits the website, a minimum amount of information is entered on his/her device which is saved in a specific directory of the user’s web browser.

The cookies stories cannot be used to recall any data from the hard disk, send computer viruses or identify and use the user’s email address.

Cookies are used to improve a user’s navigation. In particular:

- they allow efficient navigation around the website;

- they store the username and entered preferences;

- they prevent the entering of the same information several times during one visit;

- they monitor the use of services by users in order to optimize navigation and the services.

It is possible to disable the use of cookies at any moment. Disablement or cancellation of the cookies could also preclude optimal use in some website areas, or affect the use of some services.

Below is a description of the types of cookies that can be used in the website and the purposes for which they are used.

Technical Cookies

This type of cookies is necessary in order for the website to function correctly; they include persistent cookies and session cookies. If these cookies are not present, the website, or some parts of it, may not function correctly. Therefore, they are always used, regardless of the user’s preferences. The cookies in this category are always sent from our domain. The data controller isn’t obliged to ask for the user’s permission for technical cookies, as they are absolutely necessary in order to provide the service.

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7. Payment details
The payment details will be treated by the 2015/2366 (UE) guidelines and the following modifications about the payment services of the internal European marketplace (cd. PSD2)

8. Data Subject Rights under art. 17
Lastly we inform you that article 17 of the European Regulation n. 2016/679 confers on the Data Subjects specific rights. In particular the Data Subjects can obtain from the Data Controller the confirmation of the existence or not of their own personal data and that this data can be provided in intelligible form (Subject Data Access). They can likewise ask to know the origins of the data as well as the purpose for which it was collected, ask for anonymisation or the freezing of data handled in violation of the law, as well as its updating, amendment or, if it is of interest, the integration of the data; or for legitimate reasons obtain a block on the data handling itself.

These actions could be done in independence by logging into the private section of the account in the section “Manage Personal Data” and “Manage Account” or by sending an email to the owner.

All tariffs are usually applicable for the entire season. They can, however, be amended at any time when there are notable variations to the cost of living or taxation or other important facts.
Prices shown in the tariffs are in Euro and include VAT rates effective at the time of purchase.
1. All special tariffs, i.e. the ones that enjoy special subsidies due to residence, age or other reasons, can be applied after the correct documentation has been submitted. For online purchases, the declared subsidies can be verified by controllers by requesting to see the necessary documentation.
2. Children tariffs:
·      The Baby free tariff (under the age of 8) is granted exclusively to children up to the age of 7, on tickets specifically indicated in the company lists of tariffs, up to a maximum of 3 tickets for each accompanying adult.

·       Young people under the age of eighteen (from 8 to 17 years of age) are entitled to the under-18 discounted rate.
·       The family tariff is applicable if the family comprises 2 adults and 2 or more young people in the Under 18 category (8-17 years old).
3. Disabled tariffs:
·      Disabled persons and the person accompanying them are entitled to a discount of 50% on tickets that can be purchased at the ticket offices in Pontal after suitable certification of a disability equal to or higher than 67% has been submitted. These tickets cannot be purchased online.
4. Tariffs on regional tickets or together with other cable car companies:
·      For these tickets, special rates linked to residence, age or other reasons are only applied in accordance with the regional tariff lists or the tariffs of the relative cable car company.
1. All tickets are transport documents and are also valid as legally-valid receipts (Min Decree 30.06.1992) and must be retained for the entire duration of the journey. They are valid during normal working hours of the Funivie Monte Bianco S.p.A. lifts open to the public.
2. Purchasing a ticket only gives the right to use the corresponding lifts, for the routes stated, on the days on which the ticket is valid and according to the normal numbers of travelers at the starting point.
Funivie Monte Bianco S.p.A. asks the compulsory booking of the cable car departure. This reservation can be done on the website following the video instruction or directly at the ticket office in fixed timetable.
The company reserves the right to establish a part-precedence service for certain special categories of users.
Tickets also give the purchasers the right to transport mountain equipment with them, and also a small bag. The transportation of other items must be agreed beforehand with the company within the limits of the current legislation and regulations in force.
Tickets will be valid for the season, i.e. the period running from the first to the last day on which the lifts are open.
The company reserves the right to change the opening dates for the lifts during the season, due to uncontestable technical and/or operational reasons, promptly notifying users of said changes on the company’s website.
1. All daily, multi-daily, seasonal or years tickets are strictly personal and not transferable. Any misuse will bring about immediate withdrawal, the application of sanctions as provided for by law and reporting to the competent authorities.
2. No reimbursements can be made except in the cases where the tickets cannot be used due to the fact that the lifts are not operational due to technical reasons, adverse weather conditions or official reasons.
3. Tickets purchased online on third-party websites (e.g. Booking VDA) cannot be reimbursed.
4. Customers must check when purchasing the ticket that the type and price of the ticket correspond to the one requested.
The Customer that buys the daily ticket on the website, must have a Iso Keycard of Aosta Valley. If he doesn’t have it, this will be sold at any ticket office in Aosta Valley at the rate of 2.00 euros for daily or half daily ticket, or released under deposit of 5.00 euros for multi-day ticket, season or annual ticket. Concerning this last one, the return of the deposit is possible if the card will be given back at any ticket office in Aosta Valley, in perfect conditions of integrity and functioning and within the end of the winter season in which it has been released. After this period, the cards will be property of the customer and will have to be used for the next season, apart from the technological system adjustment of the ticketing that may occur. These cards can be used as support for the ticket document charging at any ticket office in Aosta Valley, for the online purchase and the messages for those stations who have this service.
Funivie Monte Bianco S.p.A. tickets can be purchased online using the credit card on the website (or via links connected with the website) or on third-party websites such as Booking VDA.
Only ticket document listed can be purchased, 24/7, except for temporary interruptions – also without prior notice – due to technical reasons that are not caused by the company for any reason.
The company is not responsible for all the problems deriving from use of the internet due to the interruption of services or the presence of computer viruses and all other cases that jurisprudence would define as “force majeure”.
Refusal of payment by the customer’s bank will bring about the cancellation of the purchasing process.
In case of ticket document purchase with barcode/QR-code, it would be printed or visualized on the screen device, to directly access to the cable car.
For the purchase that needs the recharge on the keycard, the client will receive a receipt by mail that needs to be printed and attached to the ticket document.
The cable car employees can ask the client to check this purchase receipt, in order to verify the ticket regularity together with an Id card.
1. The Carte Résident is issued by all ticket offices at cable car lifts in Aosta Valley further to payment of a 5.00 Euro deposit, at the same time as providing one’s personal tax code and document proving residence in Valle d’Aosta. This is the essential support where tickets with resident tariffs will be loaded.
2. The Carte Résident remains valid for several years, but requires proof at the start of each season that the holder still resides in Valle d’Aosta.
3. The card requires a photo, name, surname, municipality of residence and date of birth. It is personal and cannot be transferred. Any misuse will bring about the immediate withdrawal of the card and entitlement to discounts will be forfeited for the whole season, on all lifts in the region, in addition to an administrative and penal sanction as foreseen by law.
4. The deposit will only be returned if the card is surrendered at the ticket offices of any Valle d’Aosta cable car lift in perfect functional condition and by the end of the winter season during which it was issued, as stated by the wording on the card. After this expiry date, the supports will become the property of the customer and can be used for future seasons, without prejudice to any technological updates on the ticketing system that may be necessary.
5. Tickets sold at special rates for residents in Valle d’Aosta cannot be purchased online.
The purchaser must produce the ticket on request from any authorized supervising staff from the company Funivie Monte Bianco S.p.A.
Any relative documentation must be produced if tickets were sold at special discounted rates.
For any matters not regulated here, please refer to the regulations and notices exhibited in the ticket offices, on the lifts or published on the website

Skyway Monte Bianco

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