Experiences Between Earth and Sky

There are so many sensations up in the clouds that the mountains are capable of transmitting. Get ready to experience them all in first person, thanks to Skyway Monte Bianco

The three Skyway Monte Bianco stations are a true source of pride for Italy.
From planning and construction to the management and materials used, here, Italian products and know-how have succeeded in tapping into and making the most of the country’s sectors of excellence, setting this jewel firmly into the rooftop of Europe.

And it’s here, at the highest point in Italy, that mountain lovers can find exactly what they were looking for, thanks to the marvels of nature and the peerless experience that exalt its forms, colours and flavours.

Let’s go back to the top, together

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Our reopening

Little attentions to get to the top safely.
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You'll have more time for the Monte Bianco

Your valid ticket will be postponed to 1st November 2021.
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The infinity table by Kartell 3,466 m.

The Bistrot Panoramic houses a corner set up by Kartell to live a unique moment and an unforgettable experience.
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Readings at 3.466 m.
at LaFeltrinelli

The highest library in Europe at Punta Helbronner

Genuine Mountain Flavours

Ideal locations where you can enjoy a high-altitude lunch and a priceless view in a relaxing atmosphere

The cableway's history in the Hangar 2173

Come discover Hangar 2173, where heritage and imagination come together to recount a history that’s more than seventy years old

Saussurea Alpine Garden

A botanical garden at 2000 meters, where you can admire the many plants from mountain chains around the world.

The Awakening of the Sublime to the Pavillon

A high-altitude journey through the images that become a symbol of the union between man and mountain

Skyway Monte Bianco’s Alpine Boutique

There’s plenty of room for traditional local products and handicrafts, but also for wonderful gift boxes.

Crystals of Mont Blanc Exhibition

Permanent exhibition of precious jewels extracted over the years by various passionate cristalliers of the Valle d’Aosta

A High-Altitude Toast at the Cave Mont Blanc

A visit to the Cave Mont Blanc, the winemaking cellar that produces an incomparable Spumante

Alpine Movie Hall

Screenings, stories, images linked to nature and the environment at a high altitude